Hey, where weve got?!

  China is to the left, Japan - to the right, Thailand ahead... Its Asia around us! Were in Asia, man! Cheer up, buddy! Now well have a great time! Wild Asia, mysterious Asia, crazy Asia! You wont get bored here! Samurais, harakiri and geishas, geishas, GEISHAS!
   They are so tiny, fragile and so skillful in sex! Its a wild excitement! Youre her master, shes yours forever! Or... till dawn! Tomorrow well find a new one! There are thousands of them, THOUSANDS!!!

  They love tourists - tall, big and manly chaps from a far America! How one cant love you? You have such a big ...purse in your jeans! Im joking! They love you not for money, but for something else! And you know - for what. What else do you have in your trousers? Exactly...

Press HERE, Ill tell you one secret...

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