So, we're in Asia. Look, how many cute little Asian darlings! We need to get acquainted with them! But we don't know their language! It's OK, we need to know only two or three phrases - so, we choose the most pretty Asian darling, come close to her and say: "Nuh Ahrum da wuh! Oht buh suh! Nuh Hah go ja go sheep oh!" That means: "You are beautiful! Take off your clothes! I want to sleep with you!". It works in seven cases out of ten! She's smiling, she's yours! True, in three cases out of ten she'll scratch your face. But seven is more than three! Quite a good chance! Far better than playing video poker!

  If you were not lucky with one, you'll be with another! There are hundreds of them, thousands! I was just photographing them one by one and my photo albums don't fit my flat anymore. So I sent them all to the Net. Tens of thousands of pictures! The digital Japanese camera is of great quality! Big, colored, great pictures! I was making them in brothels, on the beaches, even in toilets! Do you wanna see my collection? Sorry, not for free! Isn't my collection worth a couple of bucks? Sure it does! Press GUEST PASS!

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